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Pokémon Catching Tips

When throwing any Pokéball you can make it act as a master ball by holding Up+B. As soon as the ball appears hold down Up+B and as soon as the Pokémon gets in the ball let go. It may take several times to do it so don't use exspensive Pokéballs. It is also useful in the safari zone when you get the Safari balls but you can't catch the Pokémon easily. Hope this tip helps in your Poké Adventure. 

A Great Fishing Tip

As soon as you hit the A button to select the pole turn your D-Pad in circles counterclockwise. It doesn't work all the time, but you get much better results than if you don't. 

Lucky 7's

When you go gambling in Celadon City, look for the women who says, "I think these machines have different odds." then go to the one right above her. It has the best odds of all the machines. At least that's what I have found. Hope this tip helps. 


Buy the guide book. It helps tremendously if you aren't a super guru at video games. It tells you when the Pokémon elvolve, how they evolve, what they evolve to, how to get through all the caves and cities and maps of them all, and more....! So be smart and buy the book. 

Common Sense Tip

When you get a new Pokémon walk around in forests and fight wild Pokémon to get the new Pokémon to evolve to it's final form. This way you don't have to go around and find Pokémon after you beat the elite four. Also, have at least 4 good Pokémon you can rely on. If you only have one good Pokémon you are in trouble once you get to the end parts of the game. You should have at least 4 Pokés between levels 40-70 by the time you get to the Indigo Plateau. 

Bulbasaur Charmander, Squirtle GO!

To get all three of the beginning Pokémon you will need a link cable and two game boys along with two cartridges. 
Put both cartidges in the gameboys and turn them on. Chose squirtle on both of them and play normally on both games until you reach the part where you give Prof. Oak the parcel. Get a different Pokémon on one of the game cartridges. After you do that go to Viridian City again and trade the other Pokémon with Squirtle. Now one of the games should have 2 Squirtles. Now turn off the one with the two Squirtles and start the other game over. This time get Charmander. Once you get to where you can trade, the game with 2 Squirtles should get a different Pokémon to trade with. Trade the other Pokémon for Charmander. Now one game has two Squirtles and a Charmander. Do the same thing again. Now the one Game Boy will have 2 Charmanders and 2 Squirtles. Repeat the steps with Bulbasaur too. Now one game has 2 of each of the three Pokémon. Now start over yet again with the other game. Get three different Pokémon. And trade each of those three with the three of the others. Now both games will have squirtle, bulbasaur, and charmander. 

If you have any tips please send them to me care of PCguy007. Thank you in advance for your tip.

Pokemon Pinball
1) Number of Pokémon
In the Pokédex, if you hold select, you can see two numbers in the upper right hand corner. These two numbers are the Pokémon caught/ Pokémon seen. A Pokémon is considered "seen" if you attempted to catch it in "catch 'em" mode or evolve it in that mode, but failed to. It will appear as a silouette in your Pokédex.
2) Pokédex Fun
This tip doesn't do any real good, but it's kinda' neat! In the Pokédex, if you put your cursor on a Basic Pokémon and hold start, you can see it move! Yay!
3) Catch 'em Mode
To get into catch 'em mode, you may do one of two things. On the blue table, go up and around the far right ramp twice. You'll see arrows light up. Then go into Cloyster's mouth and catch 'em mode will commence! Also,
in red mode, go up and around the right ramp twice and then shoot it into Bellsprout. Also, if you go around the ramps 3 times, you stand a better chance of getting a rare Pokémon! The other way to get into Catch 'em mode is to get that window after a Cave shot.
4) Where to get Pokémon on the Red Board
Pallet Town: Charmander, Rattata, Nidoran (M), & Poliwag. Viridan Forest: Weedle, Pidgey, & Pikachu.
Pewter City: Spearow, Jigglypuff, Ekans, & Magikarp.
Cerulean City: Oddish, Mankey, Jynx, & Abra.
Vermilion City Seaside: Shellder, Krabby, Ekans, & Farfetch'D.
Rock Mountain: Voltorbe, Diglett, & Mr.Mime.
Lavender Town: Gastly, Magnemite, Cubone, & Electabuzz.
Cycling Road: Spearow, Doduo, Lickitung, & Snorlax.
Safari Zone: Paras, Rhyhorn, & Chansey.
Seafoam Islands: Horsea, Staryu, Seel, & Articuno.
Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Growlithe, Omanyte, & Kabuto.
Indigo Plateau: Machop, Onix, & Ditto.
5) Where to get Pokémon on the blue board
Viridan City: Squirtle, Nidoran (M), & Bulbasaur.
Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Rattata, & Pikachu.
Mt.Moon: Zubat, Paras, & Clefairy.
Cerulean City: Bellsprout, Meowth, Jynx, & Abra.
Vermilion City Streets: Shellder, Krabby, Farfetch'D, & Sandshrew.
Rock Mountain: Diglet, Voltorbe, & Mr.Mime.
Celadon City: Mankey, Meowth, Eevee, & Porygon.
Fuchsia City: Magikarp, Goldeen, Kangashan, & Exeggcute.
Safari Zone: Doduo, Nidoran (F), & Chansey.
Saffron City: Ekans, Sandshrew, Hitmonchan, & Hitmonlee.
Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Koffing, Aerodactyl, & Magmar.
Indingo Plateau: Geodude, Ditto, Moltres, & Mewtwo
**Note about 4 & 5: Occasionally, different Pokémon than these will appear, these are the most common.**
6) Cave shots
To get a cave shot, you must light up each of the letters by your flippers. These letters can be moved around be using your flipper buttons! Here's what the bonuses are. . .
Small- get a 100-900 point bonus
Big- get a 1,000,000-9,000,000 point bonus
Ball Saver- turns the ball saver on under your flippers
Ball Upgrade- you ball upgrades one level
Bonus Multiplier-the number shown will be added to your bonus multiplier
EvoModeStart- starts the evolution mode
Twin Pikachus- gives you left and right pikachu kickback till you loose your ball
Extra Ball(rare)- gives you one extra ball
GoToBonus- proceed to a bonus stage
7) Bonus Stages
To get to the bonus stages you get three Pokéballs by your map picture. Catching a Pokémon counts as one Ball; evolving counts as two. The bonus stages are. . .
Red Board: Diglett Stage (hit the Digletts to get to the Dugtrio) and theGengar stage (hit all the haunters and ghastlys to get to Gengar).
Blue Board: Meowth Stage (hit meowth to make him drop his coins, then hit his coins) and Seel Stage (hit Seel every time he pops up).
There's a rumor that there is a Mewtwo bonus stage, this is what my friend says. . .To get the Mewtwo bonus stage, play both bonus stages per table (ie Seel and Meowth stages on the blue table, Gengar and Diglett on red.) The next bonus stage will be Mewtwo's stage.
8) Pokéballs
There are four types of balls that you can use in Pokémon Pinball. They are Pokéball, upgraded to a Great Ball, upgraded to a Ultra Ball, upgraded to a Master Ball. To upgrade your ball, you need to light up the three lights near the Shellders in the Blue Table or the lights near the Voltorbs on the Red. Each upgrade only lasts one minute, unless you upgrade it again, then you get another minute. The great ball doubles your points, the ultra balltriples them, and the master ball multiplies your points by 5!
-  Jacob - 
I just wanted to let you know, that i found a super useful code for Pokemon pinball to see how many Pokemon you’ve caught and how many Pokemon you’ve seen go to the Pokedex and hold select at the top right corner, there will be 2 numbers the first is how many Pokemon you’ve caught and the second how many Pokemon you’ve seen i have found this code super useful - Jolteon250 
Here is a cool thing to do in the Pokedex, go to a basic Pokemon and press start.It will move. and another confusing thing to me and my friends is that The left flipper is controlled by pressing left. also when you get all 150 pokemon you will be able to capture Mew!Yes Mew without gameshark.How do I know this you ask.Well when I got my game I was looking through the Pokedex and there was Mew#151 as always also my Email is Sisters name is Anna.Not mine) Michael Hale, PokemonPinball owner 
I have some more information about the game Pokemon Pinball. First of all in either the blue or red area if you beat both bonus stages you will go to Mewtwo's bonus stage. In Mewtwo's bonus stage you have two minutes to hit Mewtwo's. Every time you hit Mewtwo you get 50,000,000 points.  - Alex Bykov, 
Pokemon Snap
9.13.99 the hardest shot to get in the game is a special flying Pikachu. In the cave level, when a Zubat picks up Pikachu, hit it w/food or a pester ball, then Pikachu will drop via balloons. When Pikachu hits the ground play the flute and an articuno will pop out of the egg. when you are leaving the area, turn around and then Articuno will fly by with a Pikachu on its back, but you have to get a picture of the Pikachu, otherwise you don't get the special. -Bones 
In Pokemon Snap, there are several Bonus Shots that you can get that are worth many bonus points. Here, listed in order, are all the special shots! 
Surfing Pikachu(Beach): Remember the Pikachu near the beginning of the beach? Once you have Pokemon Food, lure Pikachu over to the nearby surfboard Special Pikachu has a Bonus Value of 1,000 points! The size, pose, and technique all depend on you photography skills!
Pikachu On A Stump(Beach): In a grassy area near the middle of the level, you will see grass flying up everywhere. Use Pester Balls to try and flush out Scyther. This will cause two Pikachu to run onto stumps just beyond the grass, and perform backflips. Use the Poke Flute, to make them start doing Thundershocks. You'll get a whopping 1,300 Bonus Points for capturing this on film!
Pidgey Attack(Beach): Near the end of the beach, you will spot a Meowth near a Pidgey nest. Keep your camera focused on two Pidgey as they fly in. Snap a shot of the Pidgey unleashing Whirlwind on Meowth for 500 Bonus Points.
Pikachu On A Ball(Power Plant): At the beginning of the Power Plant, you will spot a Pikachu. Take a picture o fit, and it will run to a second location. Snap another shot of it, and Pikachu will leap on top of a passing Electrode. This shot a has a Bonus value of 600.
Magmar's Fight(Volcano):Right after passing the Moltres Egg, you will see two Magmar. Throw a piece of Pokemon Food between them, and catch a shot of them breathing fire all over each other. It has a Bonus value of 800 points
Speed Pikachu(River): Near the end of the level, you should see a Pikachu on a log to your left. Take a picture, and it will speed out of the log. It is difficult to catch Pikachu in the middle of the frame, so just snap away. Speed Pikachu has a Bonus value of 800 points
Balloon Pikachu(Cave): As you pass the Weepinbell pool and enter the next room, you will see a Zubat flying around with a Pikachu captive. Try to hit Zubat with Pokemon Food and Pester Balls. If you succeed, Pikachu will fall, and float to the groung tethered to a bunch of balloons. Get a shot for a whopping Bonus of 1,600 points!
Flying Pikachu(Cave): You cannot get this shot unless you freed Pikachu from Zubat. After Pikachu lands, it will run near the Articuno egg. Play the Poke Flute to hatch Articuno. As you enter the final chamber, Articuno will fly past you with Pikachu on it's back. Center the camera on Pikachu, and snap away. This shot is worth 2,000 Bonus Point
Jigglypuff on Stage(Cave): In the Cave, if you rescue any Jigglypuff from the Koffing, they will appear and Sing for you at the level's end. You will get the biggest Bonus(1,200) for saving all three.
Graveler's Group Dance(Valley): After the first waterfall, play the Poke Flute as you round the bend. Each tune will cause the Graveler to dance in a different way. Take a picture of one, and try to fit the other two in the background. Graveler's Group Dance has a Bonus Value of 1,000 points
Thanks to Mewtwo 2481 for this information! 
9.13.99 If you want the best Snorlax picture, play the third song. 1000 every time! - "Ken" 
9.13.99 HOW TO GET CHARMANDER TO EVOLVE INTO CHARMELEON! First you have to be at the Volcano stage. As you pass the Vulpix, you'll spot a pair of far off pokemon to the left of the Zero-one. It's pretty tough to take a good close-up shot of this Charmander.You can try to to lure this one closer to the road with pokemon food.But an errant toss may cause the Magmar to come closer. If the two fight over the same piece of food, the magmar will blow out fire and the Charmander will evolve. - Brian Isaacs  
9.13.99 Some of the hidden Pokemon can be found using these tips: 
stage 1- scyther. after snorlax, there will be a large grass area. a pidgey and meowth will come out. then, knock out meowth, and the vehicle should stop. when 10 pester balls goes into the large, grassy area, scyther comes out, and with 1 more, 2 pika's will dance on two stumps. play the flute for max points!
stage 2- zapdos and dugtrio- zapdos is sort of easy. lure pika to the big egg with apples. when he's close, flute. he will electricute the egg, and zapdos will come out. when he comes out, snap away, and you will get 1350 pose points. for dugtrio, pika and digglet are playing. snap diggy, and he will move. snap em again, and he'll move again. one more time, and dugtrio will come. for max points, snap the first, then two will come, snap one of them, and there will be three. max points! dont forget the sign!
level 3- moltres, growlithe, arcanine, charizard- moltres is easy. pester ball the egg, then snap away! you will either get 1 arcanine or 2 growlithe with this. throw pester balls into the craters. they will jump out. Charizard is right after this. look to your left after arcanine, and charmeleon will be circling a lava pool. pester him in, and he'll evolve. pester him again, and he will attack you. max points!!!
level 4- slobro, vileplume, porygon- slowbro is easy. lure slowpoke to the shellder sign. snap him here hor extra points. when he evolves, quickly pokeflute to make him dance. then look right. hurry! there is vileplume! after the metapods, snap the psyduck, then pester ball where the fly is. porygon! throw food for max points!
For a sure way to get Zapdos, throw an apple right after the doors open. when that happens, the lone pikachu will chase it. throw another apple at the egg, then play the flute. right after zapdos hatches, snap away. its more points than him charging the light for the second sign. - "Ken" 
8-9-99 On the beach, after you see Meowth on the hill, there’s some bushes, throw Pesters balls and apples into it and sometimes a scyther comes out, after Scyther comes out keep throwing stuff into the bushes and two pikachus will Come out and start flipping on the two stumps, these are called the"stump Pikachu", get a picture of both of them while one is jumping in the air and You will get over 6,000 points for that one shot. - Ben 
8-9-99 Pikachu Pictures ( 
Surf Pikachu - In the BEACH stage there is a pikachu near the start. Throw some apples to lure it to the surfboard a little farther on. Then when he’s close enough, he will pause for a while then runs to the surfboard and do some poses. This is great if you are taking them up close and saving them into the album! 
Thunder Pikachu - Sometimes when you play a Pokeflute near a Pikachu, he will start doing his thunder shock attack. This is great for some points at the beach up close.
Pikachu(2) On A Stump AND Scyther - When you reach the tall grass where a meowth comes out chasing a pidgey, throw as many pester balls in the tall grass to the left and a scyther will come out flying and doing some attacks, take a shot at him before he flies away, no keep looking left, you will see two pikachus come out of the grass and go on the stumps. You can try to take pics of both of them while on the stump or you can use the pokeflute to make them use their thundershock move then take a shot.
Pikachu On Ball - Near the start of the TUNNEL stage, there’s a pikachu, take a snap at it, he’ll run farther, now take another and another till he goes on the rolling voltorb. Quickly try to take some good shots at him upclose when he’s on the ball for good credit.
Pikachu On Balloons - When you reach almsot near the end of the CAVE, there’s a zubat holding and flying with a pikachu, if you hit the zubat with a pester ball, he’ll drop pikachu and pikachu will have balloons, this is worth lots of points! Pikachu On Articuno - Before doing this, make sure you have pikachu freed from zubat’s grasp in the CAVE, there’ll be two JYNX’s, if you use the pokeflute near’em, they’ll start clapping (good beat!) the blue egg in the middle will start to float and hatch into Articuno.(you can take shots at him for the ARTICUNO shot) Now when you pass by the jynx’s quickly turn around, you will see pikachu riding on articuno, take a shot at PIKACHU NOT articuno or it will count as articuno.
Swift Pikachu - Near the end of the RIVER, there’s a log to the left with pikachu on top, throw an apple at pikachu’s head, he will come out of the log and back. Make sure you react quickly cause he's VERY fast.
8-9-99 To get a close pic a Lapras: Take a pic and play the poke flute when you see the futher Lapras. Repeat this step until you get to Kangaskan. Later on you can get a close pic of Lapras by Kangaskhan. Trust me this works. - Marc Manalo 
8-8-99 We have two tips for your Pokemon Snap section: 
#1- Many many Charmandars: In the Volcano stage, don’t move the Moltres egg and you’ll be stopped by it. Then turn to your left and you’ll see two Charmandars. Throw an apple for one of them and it will call some more Charmandars. Keep throwing apples for all the Charmandars and they’ll eventually call all their friends and you’ll see six Charmandars in total. And if you play the pokemon flute they look like Children of the Corn! It’s creepy!
#2- Hopping Psyducks: In the River stage you’ll see a Psyduck swimming around some pieces of land. If you throw a Pesterball at him he’ll sink into the water like he’s dead. If you throw another one into the water he’ll jump out of the water and continue jumping allover the place (sometimes two will come out and jump together). – Sarah and Andrew 
8-9-99 How to snap Mew: Go to the Rainbow Cloud level. Look straight ahead through the whole level except when you hit Mew the 1st 3 times. Then keep looking straight ahead[up-c] And Mew will come. Hit her with a pester ball. If you miss and she passes you look straight ahead and try again. Do this until Mew starts chasing her bubble. Hit her and she will spin. When she's done spinning she will teleport. Get the picture!  - Steven Johnson 
Photographing Mew: When you enter Rainbow Cloud, you will see a Mew in a green energy bubble. You cannot get any shots of Mew while the shield is up. Hit Mew three times with Pokemon Food or Pester Balls, and Mew will drop the green shield, and reappear in a yellow one. Hit it three times again. A few second later , you will see Mew flying after it’s Energy Bubble. Hit Mew with something, and it will spin for a few seconds before facing you and disappearing. Keep hitting it until you can get up close, then get a good close up. The best score you can get for a picture of Mew follows: 
Special: 2,500
Size: 950
Pose: 1,500
Technique: Doubled Score
Total: 9,900          -----  Mewtwo2481
8-9-99 I have tip for Pokemon Snap to get Dugtrio(s) Take a picture of Diglett when it pops out of its hole. Then, the Diglett will move to another spot and pop out, take a picture of it again. Then it will move again, Take a picture of it. The fourth time Dutrio will come out. If you want more Dugtrios, Take a picture of that one and another one including the first will come out. Do it again and three will come out. - Pokemaniac 
I have a couple tips. Most of them are for the Volcano Stage. First, for mega-points on your Rapidash pics, throw some food in their path. They will neigh and rear up, but not for long, so take pictures quick. Second, to get the Vulpix's attention, throw some food to, I repeat to, not at, them. Same with the Magnemites in the Tunnel level. For some extra points in the Volcano level, try to catch Pokemon on film when they shake some magma off of themselves (if they do). For the highest score on your Vileplume, take a picture of it after playing the PokeFlute song that makes it do flips. My last tip (I've had some experience with this) is, there are only two Pokemon that will evolve if you knock them in some kind of liquid. (Many people think that almost all Pokemon are like that. For example, some people think you can get Ninetales by knocking a Vulpix inot the lava. Others think Magmars will evolve into who-knows-what if you knock them into the lava.) Anyway, the only two Pokemon that will evolve if you use food or something to knock them into a liquid are Charmeleon and Weepinbell.  My name's tim Jirik and our E-mail is 
8-9-99 Ghost Photos - In the first tunnel, take pictures of the purple myst that floats around. When they develop, It will be one of the ghost trio (Gastly, Haunter, Gengar).
Group of Charmanders - To find a group of Charmander, go to to the place where you can find the Moltres egg. The pelt the egg with pokemon food, and if you've recieved pester balls, throw those. Then you'll see a Charmander call his buddies. From then on, it's a waiting game. After the Charmander come, take a picture and you'll receive bonus points from Professor Oak. - Alex Bykov -
Tips for pokemon snap: 
The Courses:
1)beach:fun in the sun!a nice,relaxing place to begin your safariAfter the first run,your pokemon report will be will need six pokemon in your report to proceed to the next course.
2)Tunnel:you need 2400 points to earn the pokemon food,which means you’ll probaly get it at the end of this course.Throw the pokemon food at the electrode at then end of the course to blast the walls off to the next course.
3)valcano:The valcano can get very busy,so u might want to start using the C<| and C|> buttons to turn around quickly. you need 22 pokemon in your report to gain accea to the next course.
4)River:you’ll receive the pesterball after 72,500 points and it’ll probably occur after completing this course.Near the end of this course you will see a porygons nose sticking out of a wall, throw a pesterball at it and it will jump out and hit the switch to the next course!
5)cave;the course will really test your trowing skills.Remember to aim the peasterballs high to increase the arc so you can hit things far’ll need 40 pokemon in your report to gain acess to the next course.
6)vally:the vally course puts you on fast’ll be moving speedier than usual,so be qick with your shutter.At the end of the course you’ll see a bunch of squirtles hiding in their shells,get past them then bomb them with pesterballs.theres gonna be a manky standing by a switch on the other side.bomb the manky and you’ll open a new’ll aslo recieve the dash engine after yu complete the vally course.
7)Pokemon symbols:please read below at bottom of page
8)Rainbow clouds:After taking pictures of the six pokemon symbols,this course will become availible.There’s only one pokemon here: Mew.Its possible to get up to 10,000 point for a good mew picture.
Pokemon guude to the six courses:Beach:pidgey,doduo,pikachu,butterfree,snorlax,meowth,syther a different pikachu,eevee,chansey Lapras,kangaskhan,macikarp.Kingler symbol
tunnel: pikachu, electrode, kakuna,z ubat,z apdos, magikarp, magnemite, magneton, pinsir symbol 
Valcano: Rapidash, vulpix,charemeleon, Moltres, magmar, growlithe, arcanine, Charizard, Koffing symbol
river: poliwag, bulbasaur, shellder, vileplume, slowpoke, slowbro, metapod,psyduck, porygon, cloyster,pikachu, cubonesymbol
Cave:zubat,grimer,muk,wierd bulbasaurs,ditto,koffing magikarp, weepinbell, victreebel, pikachu, jynx, articuno, articuno with pikachu on his back flying towards you, jiggly puff, mewtwo symbol
vally:squirtle,g eodude, sandshrew,sandslash,graveler, gyrados, staru starmie, dragonite, mankey, magikarp,goldeen,dratini, dugtrio symbol
In the Cave level (Level 5) when you first enter the cave, look to your left. You will see two Grimer on the ledges. Photograph them both. Once, you go into the second section of the cave, look below you. Hit the Grimer you will see with three Pester Balls(You must photograph the first two Grimer, or this one will not appear). After it is hit three times, it will evolve into a Muk right before your eyes! In the same section, there are three Bulbasaur on a ledge to your right. Hit them with Pester Balls and they will reveal that they are actually three Ditto in disguise. In the third section of the cave, you will find three Jigglypuff being chased by three Koffing. If you hit all three Koffing with Pester Balls or Pokemon Food , you will get a reward at the end of the stage. In this same area, you will see a Weepinbell circling a pool of water. Use Pester Balls or Pokemon Food to knock it in the water, and it will evolve into Victreebel! When you enter the fourth section of the level, you will see a Zubat flying around with a Pikachu. If you hit the Zubat with Pokemon Food or Pester Balls, it will drop Pikachu. Pikachu will float down to the ground on some balloons. Snap a picture of balloon Pikachu. It will earn you many Bonus Points, plus it would be a great shot for your Album. Next, you will see two Jynx and an egg of ice. Play the Poke Flute to make the Jynx break the egg, and cause the birth of a legendary Articuno. You will lose sight of the Articuno, but as you fly through the fifth and final section, Articuno will fly back with Pikachu on it’s back, but only if you rescued Pikachu from Zubat. Now, remember those three Jigglypuff? If you rescued them all, they will be in this area, and perform for you. Take a good shot for a big bonus. After that, you exit the level. now, find your best shots, and show them to Professor Oak!